Graphic Trial 2019: Theseus Chan “COLOUR NOISE”
Agency: WORK Pte. Ltd. 
Commissioned by: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. 

Toppan on Graphic Trial 2019:
“Graphic Trial is a high quality printed poster exhibition sponsored by Toppan, Japan. Toppan and top creators came together to explore ways of creating a new collaborative approach to printing. This year's theme is ‘Exciting’. When something new is about to start, when facing an unknown world, people embrace their sense of euphoria while holding great expectations and small uneasiness. Four creators of generations and styles that are rich in variety will pursuit exciting and attractive expressions, facing the source of their own ‘Excitement’.”

Theseus on COLOUR NOISE:
“Digital Graphic data to me are like organic matters. I imagined them being put into a blender and creating a colourful visual abstraction that collapses into an infinite density suspended in motion.”

Lucky to contribute 3 to the series of posters we created with our printing director Yuki Ogawa. Our poster series “COLOUR NOISE” was printed on thin Tyvek, with incredibly pigmented and vibrant inks. All posters were then exhibited at the P&P Gallery, Printing Museum, Tokyo, from 13 April to 15 July 2019.

Read more about the exhibition ︎https://www.toppan.co.jp/biz/gainfo/graphictrial/2019/